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May 27, 2017

Lizard skin leather strap with ostrich skin

The lover who pursues individuality favors some of the more rare leather straps-lizard skin, ostrich skin and pearl skin-than crocodile skins. Although the price of these leather straps may not be more expensive than that of crocodile skins, they are of sufficient character. This change, as if a daytime "small box" type of white-collar workers, in the evening suddenly into the big party's "lying insects." The Lizard leather strap presents a round pattern of sesame grain size, although the feeling of fluctuation is worse, but the actual use of the feeling than the alligator leather strap more gentle and wrist, coupled with a slightly cheaper price, more and more brands began to pay attention to this material. The most notable sign of ostrich skin is the huge pores on the leather. Remove the feather after the leather left a piece of each has a big pores of soybeans. This strap is a very character, even inspire the hearts of people forever Cowboy dream. A strap is enough to put a hair-headed boy into a macho, flash-man. Pearl Fish skin Strap is the most ancient spirit of a kind of skin, the common people talk called "Gegedada", but the table masters found this skin and inlaid with the drill watch very well, so many rich design jewelry table with pearl skin.

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