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Other metal material
May 27, 2017

1 copper in the wrist watch, copper is the best thing, it is cheap, and the characteristics are extremely easy to process, it is mainly used in the movement, most of the current movement is the use of brass alloy splints. Usually we see the color of the movement yellow and white, yellow movement is usually titanium oxide, the white movement is galvanized nickel alloy.

2 steel, chromium and nickel of the complex steel, chromium and nickel complex stainless steel processing difficult, corrosion resistance and wear resistance is better than the former, the surface can be electroplating can not be electroplating, only to do polishing or sandblasting, sand treatment, the formation of different effects have a three-dimensional appearance effect.

3 Titanium metal is gradually emerging as a result of the craze for all steel watches. Its material is called "Aviation age" metal. What is titanium metal? The titanium metal is found in the Earth's crust, and its appearance can be bright shiny metal, or silver-grey, dark-gray powder. Titanium Metal is a lightweight, hard, heat-resistant, hardy metal, the surface of a layer of oxide film, can prevent wear and corrosion.

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