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Soft materials such as leather
May 27, 2017

1 small cowhide Calf skin leather made from calf skins within 6 months of birth. The texture is small and soft. Is the most superior type of cowhide. The bottom right figure is the effect of the alligator tattoo on the calf leather. 

2 caiman Caiman Crcodylus Fuscus is taken from the armpit belly of the caiman in Central and South America. It is the most commonly used material in high crocodile belts.

3 The Mississippi Alligator Alligator Mississipesis is taken from the belly of the southeastern Mississippi Alligator in the United States. One of the most advanced of the crocodile skins. In the middle of the belly of a alligator, a portion of the skin is called a pattern of slub, and this part of the crocodile's skin produces only a few belts. Very valuable. 4 the Nile lizard Skin Varanus Niloticus is made of leather from the top of the lizard, the skin of the Nile lizard. By staining can show a bright and beautiful color. is the raw material for making flowery strap.

5) Kintegapi Tupinambis Teguixin is made of leather made of a very advanced type of lizard, Tegaco Chintega skin. The characteristic is that the abdomen has the change from fine grain to big grain, the contrast is very strong.

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