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May 27, 2017

Guitar sets? On the plane? Are you crazy? Believe it or not, some guys are better off with a guitar than a hard box when they fly on a plane. Not because condoms provide better protection, but in this case the flight attendant will understand your requirements more. (The guitar in the condom is more susceptible to damage) again, assuming you're not on a small commuter plane, guitars in guitar sets have the following advantages:

* He appears to be small in the eyes of the inspectors (so they are less likely to put a note on it)

* It's easier to put it in the overhead compartment

* If the space on the overhead compartment is limited, it can be easier to put into the wardrobe

However, the protection of the guitar is very poor, the fact that there is no way to ignore. If your guitar is forced into the cargo hold, you will want it in a sturdy suitcase. A very sturdy suitcase. That earthquake is not bad strong. (Obviously my hard box can't do that)

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