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Sep 03, 2017

-Dennis founder of Levys Levy and many full of dreams, adventurous young man, he has gone through an extraordinary path of entrepreneurship, but his career really beginning is in his home after a few years. In 1973, Levy's first handmade leather store opened. In 70s, due to political unrest, indirectly spawned leather products, leather belt boom: hair clips, fur hats, Leather Watchband, all kinds of bags and even skin candles. Of course, Levy's footsteps will not stagnate because of the change of the times. Later, levy s became better and better. The handicraft workshops in the past also developed into big global companies and big brands.

Every guitar player wants to be on the stage (whether or not performing), so he will be interested in anything that will enhance his self-image. Understand this, and also understand the success of Levy 's. Guitar straps are more than just an object on the back, but a fashion item for performance, a principle in the company's design concept. That's why Levy's s straps are so popular.

Levy's s designer goes to Paris, Hongkong, New York, Bologna, Miami, and many other cities every year to watch 10 or 15 international fashion shows. They pay special attention to changes in world fashion, with particular attention to incorporating the latest designs, materials and ideas into the design of their guitar straps. In this regard, other guitar strap manufacturers are not comparable to Levy 's.

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