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How to install of a guitar strap
Sep 03, 2017

There are two ways to install a guitar strap, depending on the condition of your guitar.

First, the bottom of the guitar strap buckle, the upper side of the box box 45 degrees angle, there are straps buckle, such a situation is to buckle straps on the two straps buckle on the good, just like the clothes fastened buttons, very simple.

Two, the guitar has a strap buckle at the bottom, but it doesn't exist. This is the case with a strap attached to the head of the piano. It gives you a picture and looks at it clearly.

Personal recommendation second ways, so as to avoid damage to the piano body in the guitar side of the hole, nail strap buckle, and this way the strap is relative to the first kind, leaving the player's activity space is relatively large.

There is no folk harp at hand, so let's give you a demonstration of the classical piano. Pay attention, the classical Qin is not tied with straps. Don't be misled by my picture.


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